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Towing Magic Mountain – Reliable and Affordable Services by Santa Clarita Towing

Off the five freeways into Valencia in the Santa Clarita area, Magic Mountain Recreation Park is located. This park is known for its ridiculous roller coaster rides and much more adventurous rides. Of course with this many people in one area and all these cars, there is bound to be car issues that occur. Someone must be ready to help out with any car related incidents in the park area. We are proud service provider to the park and the surrounding area of Valencia as well. Our team is always here to serve and is well prepared for anything with cars.

Towing of Any Type

Whether it is towing or any other related car service we are here for you. For tows, we can go long distances for those stuck a long way from home, or local distances for those who just need a ride up the street. As for other towing services, we have heavy duty truck for the heavier tows. In addition, flatbed towers for the lower riding vehicles or motorcycles around. If there are car collisions and accidents around, we have you covered as well because when it comes to tows, and there is nothing we can’t handle.

Outstanding Services

Our towing company is known for our outstanding service around the park. This is especially true in our response time to complete tasks. Many times young adults would be visiting the recreational center and forget that they left their lights on, or their phone left in charging, etc., and their battery runs out. We have always gone to their aid and jumped them to get them on their way home. Our team of technicians service car tires as well, and done quite a few replacements in its time. We have been their when visitors have run out of gas in the parking area of the park and nearby as well. Then there is always the unfortunate locking yourself out of your car dilemma, which we don’t mind but understand how frustrating it can be for you. Whatever you are facing know that we are by your side.

We Care for You

Some services we don’t handle though are impounded towing related. We do not enjoy seeing people get headaches and have their day ruined, so this service was really out of the question for us. We are the ones you should contact if you want to tow an illegally parked car. Towing Magic Mountain is all about the service to our clients and nothing else. So if you are having trouble with your car at this recreational center or somewhere close by in Valencia, we assure you that we will come to your aid.

Customer Satisfaction

For us there are only 3 things you should know. First is that we care for our customers and will always do our best to see you satisfied. Secondly, we work with cars, so we know everything about cars that we need to know. Finally, we are here for you, providing the most professional service for you as needed.

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