At Santa Clarita Towing, we offer a wide range of automobile towing services and roadside assistance, giving you solutions to any roadside problem you may face. Our team of technicians is well-trained, therefore providing the necessary to service your vehicle in an efficient manner. We know how stressful vehicle related problems can be, and you will want solutions fast and quick. We are dedicated to getting you back on the road in the shortest time. Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. Some of our services include:



Services - Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing

When cars are involved in a break down, wheel lift towing may not be the suitable method when there are no wheels or tires. There are times when vehicle is transported for a long distance, so flatbed towing method is used. It could also be that customer requested not let wheels contact the ground to protect the mechanical systems of the vehicle. No matter the reason, we offer our customers quality flatbed towing services in Santa Clarita and surrounding area. On top of that, we offer affordable prices. If you need flatbed towing service, contact us today.


Services - Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle Towing

You may have taken great care in maintaining the conditions of your motorcycle. However, there are times when the vehicle encounter mechanical problems. No matter two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles, we can provide quality and efficient towing. If you need help to get your motorcycle running, or transporting it to certain location, feel free to contact us. We are available any time day or night.



Services - Exotic Car Towing

Exotic Car Towing

Exotic cars are high valuable vehicles that are precious to the car owners. We can understand how much these cars matter to the owners, and the anxiety when the cars break down. This is the exact reason why you should trust a quality and trustworthy professional towing company like us to do the job. We will treat these high valuables with the same level of care. Our team of highly trained technicians will provide reliable and assuring towing services. Contact us if you need your precious exotic vehicle transported to a safe destination.



Services - Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel Lift Towing

This is one of the most common towing services we provide. It is called wheel lift because the front wheels are lifted off the ground, while towing the back tires of the car. This is a good option for most of the towing needs. Even though simple, we can provide quality wheel lift towing for vehicles of different sizes. Our friendly and professional team will provide timely assistance when you need it.



Services - Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

As the name suggests, heavy duty means heavy responsibility. Towing heavy trucks or vehicles is a technical job that is dangerous. However, this is exactly the job we do, because we are the professionals. We tow most large vehicles including tractor trailers, school buses, dump trucks, RV’s, motor homes, mobile cranes, construction equipment, straight trucks, fire and emergency trucks. Too big to handle? Just call us, we will take up the challenge.



Services - Flat Tire Change

Flat Tire Change

If you are stranded on the side of the road because of an flat tire , no need to panic. When we made it to your location, we will change your flat tire for you, then we will examine the rest of your tires to be certain that they are not going to go flat. If you have a spare tire, we can examine it to see if it is fit for changing. In addition we will change it for you. Contact Santa Clarita Towing, we provide the best tire change service, so that you can be back on the road, be on your way to your destination quickly and safely.



Services - Jump Start

Jump Start

If your car battery is down, we can jump start the car for you. After your car is up and running, our technician will check your charging system and the conditions of your battery, consequently we will let you know if anything should be replaced. If it is a heavy vehicle which cannot be easily started, our emergency towing mobile workshop truck has a device to release high current from high-capacity generators. This can start any vehicle that has a dead battery.



Services - Gas Delivery

Gas Delivery

Your car is running out of gas in the middle of the road, with no gas stations around nearby. We can help you deal with this problem. We have our crew to deliver gas to your location and refuel your car. Pricing will be reasonable, so you won’t fill the pinch when you called for our emergency roadside service. Our friendly and experienced crew will help you get back on your way fast.


Services - Winch Out

Winch Out

Winch-out towing services is one of the more complicated towing services that one might need. You may need to recover a vehicle out of the ditch, or you may have vehicle stuck in water or mud. We have the winch-out equipment to safely pull your vehicle out of a ditch, mud or water and get you up and running quickly. We provide safe and reliable tow and recovery, specializing in winch out service. If your vehicle is damaged, we will tow you to the garage or mechanic of your choice. Our crew will always provide quick and courteous service.



Services - Emergency Roadside Assistance

Emergency Roadside Assistance

We have organized a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians. In addition our modern vehicles and well-maintained equipment will ensure all of your problems are solved promptly. Furthermore, we are aware that car troubles can occur any hour of the day, therefore you can contact us for assistance 24-hour daily. Once we have received your call, our team will reach you in the shortest time.

Contact Santa Clarita Towing at (661) 200-9483 for Professional Towing Services and Roadside Assistance!