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Flatbed towing is one of the safest methods of towing. It is a bed on hydraulics which allows the vehicle to be driven up onto the flatbed or ramp and then lowered horizontally. A flatbed tow truck can work on many types of vehicles including motorcycles, cars, classic or luxury vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and more.

High Versatility – Capable of Towing Motorcycles, Cars, Luxury Cars, and More

The traditional tow trucks are limited in the types of vehicles they can tow and transport. However, flatbed tow trucks provide versatility; a wide range of vehicles can be loaded on it and transported. Whether it’s an SUV, truck or an exotic vehicle, flatbed towing can handle them well.

When using flatbed towing, vehicles are placed on the ramp of the flatbed to rest while it is being moved from one location to another. Whether you want to tow an SUV, exotic car, or any other vehicles, flatbed towing can carry your vehicle. As long as your vehicle can fit into the ramp on the truck, it can be transported. Regular tow trucks are limited in terms of versatility compared to flatbeds.

Suitable for Different Situations

Flatbed towing is important for towing vehicles that are difficult to be lifted up. A flatbed tow truck can be used for moving vehicles of various types from one location to another. When the ramp or platform is lowered, the vehicle can be loaded on the ramp or platform. When placed in such position, a winch will then pull it up. Heavier vehicles or machinery will require more effort to be loaded up on the ramp or platform.

Pulling a damaged vehicle up a flatbed can be easier because the towing operator just needs to drive the vehicle onto the platform and secure it tightly onto the flatbed with straps. Other towing methods may require removing the drive shaft of a vehicle to avoid transmission damage. This will take more time and more work in completing the same task. However, other methods of towing will be more feasible and efficient depending on the circumstances.

When towing a vehicle using a flatbed, the wheels of the towed vehicle are lifted off from the ground. This limits any damages that may occur onto the towed vehicle. A flatbed tow truck is safer by offering fewer damage risks.

Stable in Long-Distance Towing

If you require for a long distance tow, the best choice is flatbed. There is the possibility of wear and tear from long distance tows. A flatbed tow truck is able to lift the vehicle off from the road surface and placed firmly onto the platform. This reduces the risks of damages greatly.

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